Welcome to "Hindko Language & Cultural Society" (HLCS) website

We the "Hindko Community" welcome you to visit our newly developed Hindko Language & Cultural Society's website. Here Hindko Language & Cultural Society (HLCS) presenting all kinds of ‘Hindko Culture’ related publications, research and recordings videos, audios, text and pictures etc. 

The website is developed to preserve our culture and language in more scientific way for inter and intra generation that will  give recognition to the population who speak Hindko. There are such cultural traits and complexes that are being diminished due to different aspects and variations. Our struggle shall help to preserve our culture so lets bring all Hindko hands together for learning initiative for awareness, advocacy and preservation.There are some Hindko programs  and material available which is avaiable and you can listen and have a look by clicking here Songs. If you want to have more information about language and culture then please visit Wikipedia

All viewers are encouraged to share your valueable contribution for the language and culture preservation. You can give your valuable suggession and comments to enhance our work for preserving your culture on our FaceBook page

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